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The ambition is to provide services and food in a sustainable way. 

To minimize plastic use and unnecessary water waste as good as possible.

With respect to our nature and the local communities.



Throughout the space we planted a lot of local plants and trees to support biodiversity, natural shadow and beautiful views into every direction.

Every season it is becoming more lush and green and we are very 

curious how this tropical forest will continue to grow.

Big plus... nothing beats fresh fruit from the garden. 


Exploring Food Markets in Lombok is a must!

For ingredients, spices and herbs  we are lucky to rely on the local farmers.

Always seasonal. Always regional.

Sharing knowledge and supporting the community is the Lombok way of living.

Hati Hati.

Water refill station with big water bottles to avoid unnecessary plastic use.


Avoid the Spill & Refill :)

Locally sourced furniture and materials.

Bamboo fence infront of the backyard garden


SUKU guests and locals on a beach clean-up at Selong Belanak


If you like to join a Clean-Up to get to know locals and help to keep the beaches tidy you are welcome to take action. 

                            We invite you to be part of the journey and to become a  

               SUKU - ECOlocal

It is still a long journey to go but we all have to start somewhere, right? AYO!

Tidak untuk plastik | No to plastic

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