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... it started with falling in love, taking risks and stepping out of one's comfort zone.

Owners Sarah and Steve sitting in the Resto in the the finished building. Big smiles and pool in the back.


In 2017 Sarah & Steve, the owners, relocated from Bali to Lombok in pursuit of a slower lifestyle & with a new adventure in mind.

With their mixed origins of German and Indonesian they built the foundation of SUKU' intercultural philosophy and welcome everyone with open-mindedness & open arms.

Now “sasak locals” they can offer you an insider's guide to all treasures of the island.

Secret surf spots | hidden places | delicious food and there is much more to explore.

TEAM Hati | The Heart

Without having a great team and people around giving smiles and good energy day in & day out every place is just bricks and mortar.

If you need anything feel free to ask the staff for support or advise.

They are happy to making your stay as relaxed as possible.

Group picture of guests and SUKU Staff in the Resto

SUKU The Tribe

At SUKU we want to share our philosophy to connect people from all around the world. To create a connection with nature, the people and traditions of the island. 

Providing guests a home even if they are thousands of kilometers abroad, offering the opportunity to be part of a like-minded community  and to share their passions with us and others ...

... to travel, explore new cultures, relax, to eat the unknown and maybe even to surf the wave of a lifetime.  

Polaroid Pictures from SUKU guests and the Team
Polaroid Pictures from SUKU guests and the Team
Polaroid Pictures from SUKU guests and the Team

Wall of Family

Fell free to check out our Instagram Highlights to get an idea what SUKU looks like from the guest perspective.

We are grateful and happy for every guest who enjoys exploring Lombok, collecting memories and who finds relaxation at our space.


There is still plenty of space on the wall for you :)  

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Selamat Datang di Lombok | Welcome to Lombok

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