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SUKU pool with reflections
Overview sun terrace and pool with scenic shadows



SUKU is a Lifestyle Hotel in the beautiful south of Lombok with 5 minutes walking distance to Selong Belanak Beach.

Cool down in the pool after a great surf session, a sunny day at the beach or just relax on the pool deck with a drink from our Resto. 

We are happy to welcome you in our openly designed space with cosy rooms, all day breakfast, dinner and snacks for the small appetite.

Live your Lifestyle.

Welcome to SUKU

Lombok is an less-explored Islands in Indonesia close to Bali.

The meaning of SUKU

SUKU is the Indonesian word for tribe & community.

Spend your time in our intercultural community and create memories of a lifetime. Our philosophy is to welcome you in our comfortable space and support you in every aspect of your stay.

Whether it is helping you to surf, finding the perfect surf-spot, offering you a space for your nomad-work, exploring the beautiful island of Lombok or just for easing your mind from everyday life.



SUKU offers 10 private rooms.

All designed with attention to detail and a modern mixture of concrete and wood. 

With every room we tried to create a personal space providing you all the comfort you need to ease your mind after a long day of impressions, new memories and to relax your body & soul with a good night of sleep.


More guest Reviews in our Instagram highlights. Traveller Review Awards 2021 9.6 sticker
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Joss I Mexico

Best stay, best sleep and best atmosphere in Lombok

Guest Anki enjoys drinks in the pool with a friend

Anki I Austria

Checked in into paradise. Stayed longer than planned and I am definitely coming back again. Terima kasih SUKU

Guests group pictures from Germany with owner Sarah.

Caro I Germany

We felt welcome from the first second. Made new friends during the stay and are very happy to be part of the SUKU family now.

 Sampai jumpa :)

SUKU waiter serving food in the Resto



The openly designed Restaurant provides space to dine, relax, snack and hang out with your better half. 

Our in-house restaurant focuses on healthy, plant-based meals. Tasty juices, smoothies & drinks. Meatlover options are provided as well. Try the Rendang ;) 

The second floor with beach view is ideal to take your morning kopi, hide out or to be used as a working space with wide vision.



We aim to provide you all services  and food in the most sustainable way possible for the moment.


Something is growing.


And always remember: Avoid the spill & refill :)

Vital green tropcial plants in the garden



We fully believe having a great Team and people around is equally important as a comfy bed. 

Follow up with our journey in the About section and get to know the story & SUKU. 

We are happy to welcome you in our space to experience the best of Lombok.

Jalan-Jalan ke ROOMS | Check out the ROOMS 

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